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Ways That You Can Repair A RAID 5 Array Effectively

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r5aThere are so many ways how you can avoid having to repair a RAID 5 array, and one of them is by installing anti-virus to your hard drive. This anti-virus is effective since when you plug in the hard drive’s ESATA jack, a popup for a virus (sometimes there is some kind of scanner for corrupted files) will open and you can choose whether to start a scan or continue with opening the hard drive without scanning the files. This is actually helpful since scanning for virus or corruption in the hard drive will reduce the risk of your hard drive being destroyed.

Although a RAID’s system is helpful for redundancy, there are still cases of incompatibility that may …

Starting A Blog With HTML, Without Any Basic Knowledge Of HTML Coding


sabwhcIf you are planning on starting a blog without any basic knowledge about HTML code or anything, you might have a hard time creating your own blog site if and only if the host that you sign up with requires HTML codes. Before you can even start a blog, you need to create the HTML codes for the outline, fonts, lettering colors, background color, and many more. So if you do not have a single idea on what an HTML code is, you will definitely have a really bad time.

Before starting a blog, it is really crucial to figure out the basic ways on how to use HTML codes and create basic web page layout with HTML codes. But how …

Panic Attacks Will No Longer Bother Me


Thanks to my sister who taught me where to find a reliable Panic Away review. I have been looking for this material for so long but the ones I found seemed not credible. With my sister’s help, I located a review where all the facts that I needed to know about Panic Away were highlighted. Although I have tried on a number of techniques to put an end to my panicinanxiety disorder, I can say that it is only with Panic Away that I was able to find a really effective remedy. I thought that my doctor can help me find relief from this health issue but it seemed like he was not competent enough to help me get through …

How Librarians And Knowledge Management Software Can Provide Massive Benefits

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slaWhen electronic media emerged in the late 1970s, so-called "special librarians" began to provide specific services to commercial enterprises with growing information management needs. Such librarians developed categories for research documents, designed keywords to help engineers find specific documents, and performed information searches on the few online services then available. Content-based retrieval as a common component of enterprise document management, and the Internet, would not be routinely available for another 20 years. The services special librarians provided then remain highly relevant to today's enterprise knowledge management efforts.

According to the Special Library Association (SLA), special librarians "are information resource experts dedicated to putting knowledge to work." In addition to performing expected search services for their patrons, the SLA includes two

How XML Took Over The Web

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xmlEverybody within a few degrees of hypertext circles knows that eXtensible Markup Language (XML) is hot. But what is it, how does it compare with HTML and SGML, and how will it affect your electronic publishing efforts?

Definitions first: XML is both the name of a specific standard and an umbrella term for three distinct, complementary standards: XML, The eXtensible Linking Language (XLL), and the eXtensible Style Language (XSL). And true to its SGML lineage, XML really isn't a language at all, but rather a standard for creating markup languages.

XML will change everything from the way you code your Web pages to the way you manage digital document collections. Its first point of impact will be Web applications, but soon

Solid Intranet Search Is Critical To Businesses

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isSince the earliest days of the Internet, information technology professionals have struggled to devise a scaled-down, in-house version for their corporations. The fruit of their labor is the intranet, a smaller network for transporting information within and among corporations that promised the same hyperlinked cohesion that made the Internet such a compelling distribution tool. With the evolution of the intranet, of course, came a need to organize and access the information contained within it and to live up to the expectations placed upon it. And with those needs came the emergence of intranet search systems.

A quick glance at the market reveals a variety of choices. Some run on the platforms through which a corporation's Web is hosted, thus providing a

Networked CD-Roms? Yes. They Existed…

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ncdrNetworked CD recording, facilitated by much-evolved network software programs and hardware solutions, is an economical and technological feat whose time has come, and it's rapidly becoming the corporate storage medium-of-choice for a wide range of implementations.

CD-ROM networking is not what it used to be, and neither is networked CD recording. That's especially good news on the CD-R side, as CD recording over the network has changed to reflect new technologies that make this once-daunting process viable and stable. What's more, networked CD recording, facilitated by much-evolved network software programs and hardware solutions, is an economical and technological feat whose time has come, and it's rapidly becoming the corporate storage medium-of-choice for a wide range of implementations.

Just as the power

Killer Conference: AIIM ’98

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kcaNothing--neither sporadic rain showers, messy road construction, defective conference tote bags, nor the lure of Disneyland--could keep nearly 40,000 end-users, industry analysts, vendors, PR representatives, and journalists away from the Anaheim Convention Center and Anaheim Hilton & Towers when the Association of Imaging and Information Management (AIIM) held its annual conference May 10-14, 1998. In those four days, more than 2,200 paid attendees traversed a 214,000 square foot, 300-vendor exhibit floor and visited 107 different sessions to learn about COLD, imaging, workflow, electronic commerce, converged Web applications, and other knowledge, records, and document management technologies and trends.

To the casual observer--and even to the active participant--AIIM '98 may have seemed like an endless barrage of product announcements and acronyms. In fact,