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Top Reasons For Hard Disk Failures (And Recovering!)

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Your hard disk drive is the main part of computer because it stores and shares the data. In the past size of hard drives was very small but these days even a personal computer has more than 500 GB of space. Data needs have increased a lot and with increased amount of space, failures in […]

Network Initiatives – They Come And Go

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Manufacturers representing close to 75 per cent market share of the Intel server market took the wraps off the first products with built-in support for an initiative that boosts performance and scalability in their systems here at Networld+ Interop. The initiative, called Intelligent Input/Output, or I2O, has been used in mainframes and high-end proprietary servers […]

Ways That You Can Repair A RAID 5 Array Effectively

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There are so many ways how you can avoid having to repair a RAID 5 array, and one of them is by installing anti-virus to your hard drive. This anti-virus is effective since when you plug in the hard drive‚Äôs ESATA jack, a popup for a virus (sometimes there is some kind of scanner for […]

Networked CD-Roms? Yes. They Existed…

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Networked CD recording, facilitated by much-evolved network software programs and hardware solutions, is an economical and technological feat whose time has come, and it’s rapidly becoming the corporate storage medium-of-choice for a wide range of implementations. CD-ROM networking is not what it used to be, and neither is networked CD recording. That’s especially good news […]