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Network Initiatives – They Come And Go

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Manufacturers representing close to 75 per cent market share of the Intel server market took the wraps off the first products with built-in support for an initiative that boosts performance and scalability in their systems here at Networld+ Interop. The initiative, called Intelligent Input/Output, or I2O, has been used in mainframes and high-end proprietary servers […]

Starting A Blog With HTML, Without Any Basic Knowledge Of HTML Coding


If you are planning on starting a blog without any basic knowledge about HTML code or anything, you might have a hard time creating your own blog site if and only if the host that you sign up with requires HTML codes. Before you can even start a blog, you need to create the HTML […]

How Librarians And Knowledge Management Software Can Provide Massive Benefits

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When electronic media emerged in the late 1970s, so-called “special librarians” began to provide specific services to commercial enterprises with growing information management needs. Such librarians developed categories for research documents, designed keywords to help engineers find specific documents, and performed information searches on the few online services then available. Content-based retrieval as a common […]

How XML Took Over The Web

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Everybody within a few degrees of hypertext circles knows that eXtensible Markup Language (XML) is hot. But what is it, how does it compare with HTML and SGML, and how will it affect your electronic publishing efforts? Definitions first: XML is both the name of a specific standard and an umbrella term for three distinct, […]