How Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Can Be Useful In Food Processing

hhrsFood manufacturers have used the hyperspectral remote sensing in order to enhance the quality of their products and increase yields. In the food processing industry, there is intelligent software combined to the hyperspectral imaging in order to identify product defects and remove foreign materials, which are invisible to the traditional laser sorters and cameras. The accuracy of the hyperspectral remote sensing avoids potential rejection of products and enhances the production over time. It was even found out that the hyperspectral imaging sorts the products carefully because it has an ejection system that automatically eliminates the defects or foreign materials. Hence, this gives a lot of help to food manufacturers who wanted to maximize their income and maintain great product quality.

Hyperspectral imaging was recently adopted in the nut industry. Manufacturers install systems that can maximize the removal of shells, foreign materials, stones, and extraneous vegetable matter in peanuts, pistachios, almonds, pecans, walnuts and other kind of nuts. Although this is quite an investment, an improved quality is expected and there is a low reject rates on the product which is beneficial in the overall production of the company. Thus, the hyperspectral remote sensing is an effective tool in maintaining product quality and avoiding rejections.

Why People Use Spectral Cameras

People use spectral cameras for different reasons. First, it has been found out that a spectral imaging is useful in military surveillance. Terrorists are everywhere and they destroy humanity little by little. Since the camera is so specific, military entities are able to know where these terrorists are hiding. That is why; U.S. Military were able to capture Osama bin Laden after years of hiding. Second, spectral cameras are also beneficial in food manufacturing. The goal of any manufacturer is maintain good quality while delivering great yields. Through the spectral imaging, product rejections are minimized because the camera can identify any defect or presence of foreign materials.

For instance, manufacturers of nuts are using a spectra camera to identify whether there are still shells, vegetable matter or anything within their product. Since the camera is attached to sensitive software, manufacturers are alarmed whether they need to check their products one by one before sending it to the market.Lastly, the spectral camera is also useful in the field of medicine. Even though not all doctors are using it at the moment, it has been found that ophthalmologists were able to identify several diseases present in the retina through the spectral cameras.

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