Starting A Blog With HTML, Without Any Basic Knowledge Of HTML Coding

sabwhcIf you are planning on starting a blog without any basic knowledge about HTML code or anything, you might have a hard time creating your own blog site if and only if the host that you sign up with requires HTML codes. Before you can even start a blog, you need to create the HTML codes for the outline, fonts, lettering colors, background color, and many more. So if you do not have a single idea on what an HTML code is, you will definitely have a really bad time.

Before starting a blog, it is really crucial to figure out the basic ways on how to use HTML codes and create basic web page layout with HTML codes. But how can you start a blog if you do not know how to properly use HTML code? Let us say for instance, writing is your passion and not coding or programming, Thanks to the internet, it is now easy to learn things you never thought you could actually learn or know. On the internet, there are several good people that will teach you how to do a basic HTML code or even go the extra mile and teach you how a basic blog site looks.

What Blog Making Site Is Best For Starting A Blog?

With or without HTML code knowledge, you are welcome to create a blog site for free as long as you settle with “.com” suffix, other suffixes like “.net”, “.co” or “” have charges depending on which one of them you want to use. Don’t mistake starting a blog as a pain in the neck and wallet, since every expense will be worth it; you just have to plan wisely. WordPress is the best blog maker you will ever encounter. Especially for beginners, WordPress is really convenient to use since you get to make your own site and design it without the use of HTML codes.

What makes it better is you can design or choose a template of what you want the pages layout of the site to be and you will be given two options to view the blog’s content that you have made. The two viewing options are visual and text. The visual contains the exact body of the blog that viewers or audiences will see. Now the text mode comes in handy when starting a blog especially for those who don’t know anything about HTML codes. It shows the equivalent code for each input, font size, font color, font style, photo, etc. you input.

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  • Angela Martin says:

    My sister is earning a lot from blogging and she started out without any knowledge about HTML. She began with a free blog hosting service and just recently decided to make use of a paid one to improve the looks of her blogs.

  • Arkei Brattin says:

    I do not know any knowledge about HTML and I appreciate the fact that I can still take on blogging despite this fact. A friend told me that one has to have extensive knowledge about HTML to become a successful blogger. This article proves it’s wrong.

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